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Server Auto Reset, New Prefab & Gameplay Details
phaseinertia 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 9th May 2014
Hey survivors I was told the server crashed earlier and people couldn't log in after. We've reset the server since then and I've set the server to auto reset every 3AM EST. I'll assign someone to be admin so they can reset the server just in case I'm not around to do so.

I've also added a new building prefab which is a huge mansion type building and like the rest you'll have to explore and discover its location.

I've been seeing new people that are being invited to the server that I don't have in steam friends list so if you guys can have them invite me that would be great as well as have them register on this site so I can get a head count on how many total we are and if I need to add more slots to the server.

I'm working on the server gameplay details and I'll share those with everyone once I've fleshed it out a little more. I'll post the details on the forums here and everyone else can get in the mix and throw in suggestions and ideas on how we want the gameplay and events on the server to be.

We'll try to make this server as fun as possible with lots of events so stay tuned for more details.

Happy zombie hunting survivors and we'll see you in game.

Today's Survival Tip: While out exploring make sure to pick up small rocks, grass, feathers, sticks, and goldenrod tea flowers. Their simplicity comes a long way when you know what you do with them.

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