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Server Updated to 8.1 Fix
phaseinertia 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 10th May 2014
Hey survivors we've been hit by an update fix today and looks like they've fixed quite a few. Memory leaks and performance updates on dedicated servers are good news and let's hope that fixes the performance slowdown we've been having while playing.

As with current updates with 7DTD comes a fresh reinstalled world. If this update did a full reinstall then we'll have to start new with building camps as well as prefabs needing to be reinstalled as well.

If thats the case then I'll be taking down the server tomorrow night around 9pm PST to reinstall prefabs as well as post the server gameplay and rules in the forum. We will also be creating a Steam Z-Land Cali group so that everyone who plays in our server can be in the same group and we have each other added in the steam friends list.

Happy zombie hunting survivors and if you have any questions and or comcerns please make sure to let me know.

11th May 2014 Zouking
I found a problem with the prefabs , one with the cathedral and one with the motel near the mall,
The cathedral has one wrong material that is turning black and the motel is overlapping with the mall, the tower near the church also has some issues with its entrance .
11th May 2014 Zouking
Hey Phase , thanks for the update and thanks for the prefabs , I am enjoying the exploration.
One request though, is it possible sines we are playing pvp, to create two factions, and people how join could join either of them, this way we can have some sort of conflict, like maybe , the bandits faction, or maybe the rangers faction, each one could have rules of engagement,
What do you think?
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